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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Orlando Bounce House Rental Company

Orlando bounce house rentals

Bounce houses are a great addition to any kid’s birthday parties. They are safe, fun, and will keep children occupied for hours. When considering renting an inflatable bounce house in Orlando, you’ll want to make sure to take a couple of considerations into mind first. Because anyone can offer up bounce house rental and installation services, it’s important to go to a trusted source when choosing a company specializing in this type of entertainment.

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A Bounce House Rentals With Reputable Services In Orlando, FL

You can find an excellent reputable inflatable bounce house rental business by searching one up through Google or going to the Yellow Pages website. Read some of the reviews and see what other people have experienced.

Another method you can use is word of mouth. Speak to others in the community who have worked with the company before. If you hear nothing but positive reviews, it may be worth a try. Before choosing this type of service, diligent research should occur to reduce any risky outcomes.

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When hiring a bounce house rental company, there are several things you will want to be sure of before agreeing to move forward with a company. A sure-fire way to tell whether the rental company is reputable is to see how long they have been in business. Is it only a couple of months, or have they been around much longer?

Just because a company is brand-new does not mean that their business is untrustworthy, but it does mean that you are taking a risk and venturing into uncharted waters. It just may be best in these cases to work with a company that has had years of experience and a solid reputation when it comes to this kind of service.

The next thing to look for is whether or not the company is aware of the proper installation techniques necessary for safe and sturdy inflatable bounce house installation. They should be mounted onto a flat surface such as grass or asphalt. Additionally, you will need to be sure it is anchored into the ground securely.

Some states require commercial bounce house rental businesses to maintain certification. If living in a state where this is required, you will want a company that is operating legally by providing this service.

Other things to watch out for are whether or not the inflatable bounce houses look as though they have been well-maintained. Do you see any tears or layers of dirt on the bounce house? If so, you may want to continue your search because a good bounce house rental company will sanitize their inflatables between each use.

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Anyone interested in renting a bounce house for their party should always ask whether a company carries insurance.

Sadly, there have been tragic accidents where people have suffered severe injuries due to unsafe bounce house installations. If a person’s home insurance won’t cover bounce house accidents, and the company is uninsured, that can leave you with a bit of trouble.

Parents should also ask about safety regulations that need to be followed while inside of the bounce house. A quality bounce house rental company will have an attendant available to monitor children playing in the house.

Another great question to ask is how old the rental equipment used is. Are the inflatables purchased used or in new condition? Lastly, you will want to find out what the company’s policy is regarding rainy and windy days.

During these unfavorable weather conditions, a bounce house should not be installed because it can be dangerous.

If the company has no policy on inclement weather and is more than happy setting up shop in these conditions; they are not concerned with safety. In that case, it would be in your best interest to continue looking for a different rental company.

Before selecting your rental company, you want to be sure that the company is insured, the equipment is newer, and the staff has proper education on how to keep your loved ones safe.


Yes. The company should have general liability insurance in case of any injuries that may happen.

What Do Our Bounce Houses Cost?

You will rent bounce houses by the hour. When broken down into an hourly rate, a person can expect to pay about $30 to $50 hourly.

So, for six hours of bounce house rental, a bounce house will cost you anywhere from $180 to $300. For fancier bounce houses and other activities offered, the packages will run slightly more, as high as $1000.

Look For A Reputable Bounce House Company Before Making Any Decisions?


  • A company that is insured.
  • It has an inclement weather policy in place and will not set up during bad weather.
  • Cleans inflatables between uses.
  • Has a strong reputation in the community and has been in business for a couple of years.
  • Uses relatively new equipment.
  • The attendant is available during use.

Bounce houses are great fun for kids of all ages, but you must find a reputable company that is professional and knowledgeable about the safe operation of these inflatables.

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