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Before You Book A Lakeland Bounce House Rental Company

bounce house rentals Lakeland Fl

Bounce houses are bound to provide a significant degree of entertainment while keeping the kids and adults busy.

That said, choosing the right bounce house company in Lakeland Fl is a crucial first step in ensuring the party becomes the best event it can be. Therefore, prospective party throwers should ask the following questions below prior to hiring a specific bounce house rental company

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A Bounce House Rentals With Reputable Services In Lakeland, FL

What Should I Look For

This depends on the age of the individuals the bounce house will serve. Not all bounce houses are the same. These structures can be equipped with slides, to accommodate water, filled with rubber balls, contain obstacle courses and even possess several stories.

Party organizers are encouraged to work with companies that rent out items in fitting the intended party’s theme. If the event is a general child’s birthday or other event, the rental company in question could offer suggestions based upon the age and athletic acumen of those scheduled to frequent the unit.

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What Questions Should I Ask?

Potential party hosts should offer several inquiries to any prospective rental company, including:

The Right Size

The size of the property on which the bounce house is intended to be placed is critical. This knowledge enables prospective companies to designate structures that are not oversized or too small.

Weight Limit And Occupant Capacity

Party organizers must inquire what the weight limits and occupancy capacities of any unit is. Exceeding these safeguards could threaten the house’s structural integrity and place the risks of its users in serious jeopardy.

Weather Policy

Inclement weather could strike any time. Event planners should inquire if the company has a specific harsh weather policy. For example, severe weather, such as, heavy rains or winds could potentially impact the bounce house’s safety and efficacy. Organizers need to know the company’s contingency plan should such untoward circumstances arise.

Materials Employed

Organizers should also ask the type of cleansing products the entity in question employs to sanitize their units. The safest products are typically eco friendly materials that will not cause people any untoward health impacts.

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Event arrangers should never retain the services of a company lacking insurance. Reputable companies will possess liability coverage.

This safeguard ensures the entity will bear responsibility for any injuries guests sustain and the medical expenses said individuals might incur as a result. Furthermore, many professional rental companies will also hold all appropriate state and municipal licenses.

How Do I Find A Reputable Local Company?

Arguably, online searches are the quickest method. Prospective party hosts can log on to their preferred search engine and enter phrases, like the region they live in followed by bounce house companies. For example, if the would-be host resides in Kissimmee, they could enter Kissimmee Florida Bounce House Companies.

The first concern searchers should have is the designation of companies providing the specific services they need. Once such returns are yielded, event planners are firmly urged to read the reviews offered by past customers.

Establishments receiving primarily favorable reviews might warrant further investigation. In addition to online searches, bounce house companies often advertise in the business section of regional phone directories.

Word of mouth is another method for identifying potential bounce house companies. Event organizers are encouraged to ask their friends, neighbors, work colleagues, family members or individuals who have hosted parties or used such entities for their recommendations.

When Should I Pay?

Most reputable entities will expect the majority of their payment once their services have been rendered. Some establishments might require a nominal fee or small percentage of the estimated total costs up front.

However, organizers should be wary of any company requesting full payment or a significant percentage of the anticipated final price in advance of the event.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bounce House?

Several variables often play into final estimated costs, such as, the size of the unit, special features contained within, the specific location the setup will occur, issues that might render the setup more challenging, if several units will be needed. The company’s geographic location and labor.

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In Search For A Reputable Bounce House Company Before You Make A Decision?

Reputable bounce house establishments will share a majority of the following characteristics:

A Good Reputation

Reputable entities will enjoy solid reviews from past customers. Do not be deterred if s small percentage of questionable reviews can be seen. It is difficult to please everyone. However, companies with a laundry list of poor reviews should raise red flags.

Discernible Contact Information

Legitimate businesses possess traceable contact information, such as, a legitimate mailing address and a working phone number. Additionally, these days, most such entities will also display a significant online presence, including a navigable website and several social media accounts.

Demonstrate Good Business Qualities

Reputable entities will display optimal business qualities. Arguably, the most critical issue is payment transparency.

Legitimate companies will author a contract documenting the services it will perform, itemize associated costs and not expect the majority of their pay until the job is completed.

Establishments that attempt to sneak in additional costs or demand significant pay prior to rendering their services should be avoided.

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