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Orlando Bounce House Rentals | Inflatable Houses For Rent
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Looking For The Best Bounce House Rentals Winter Garden Has To Offer?

We Specialize In Providing All Types Of Bounce Houses In Winter Garden, FL!

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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Winter Garden Bounce House Rental Company

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Book a bounce house rental in Winter Garden Fl with us today. Bounce houses will keep the kids busy and having a great time while adults can enjoy from the side lines or also participate in adult bounce house obstacle courses or other fun jumper we have to offer.

Not all bounce houses are the same. These structures can be equipped with slides, to accommodate water, filled with rubber balls, contain obstacle courses and even possess several stories.

We Hire And Train The Best Bounce House Workers In Winter Garden, Florida

Winter Garden Florida

A Bounce House Rentals With Reputable Services In Winter Garden, FL

 Questions you should ask before renting

You should ask if the cost includes set up and delivery. This question will help you to evaluate the expense of other options available.

Another cost service to ask is the cleaning fees, whether it is included in the full cost. Ask about their insurance coverage and whether they provide an attendant.

You should ask yourself whether the intended space will fit a bounce house. Inquire about the period to have the bounce house before renting. Additionally, you should ask what type of inflatable the company offers.

We Will Provide Bounce House Professionals For Your Next Party In Winter Garden, FL

Arguably, online searches are the quickest method. Prospective party hosts can log on to their preferred search engine and enter phrases, like the region they live in followed by bounce house companies.

For example, if the would-be host resides in Winter Garden Florida, they could enter Winter Garden Florida Bounce House Companies.

Word of mouth is another method for identifying potential bounce house companies. Event organizers are encouraged to ask their friends, neighbors, work colleagues, family members or individuals who have hosted parties or used such entities for their recommendations.

Your Local Bounce House Rental Near Me For Winter Garden Florida 

Anyone interested in renting a bounce house for their party should always ask whether a company carries insurance.

Sadly, there have been tragic accidents where people have suffered severe injuries due to unsafe bounce house installations. If a person’s home insurance won’t cover bounce house accidents, and the company is uninsured, that can leave you with a bit of trouble.

Parents should also ask about safety regulations that need to be followed while inside of the bounce house. A quality bounce house rental company will have an attendant available to monitor children playing in the house.

Another great question to ask is how old the rental equipment used is. Are the inflatables purchased used or in new condition? Lastly, you will want to find out what the company’s policy is regarding rainy and windy days.

During these unfavorable weather conditions, a bounce house should not be installed because it can be dangerous.

If the company has no policy on inclement weather and is more than happy setting up shop in these conditions; they are not concerned with safety. In that case, it would be in your best interest to continue looking for a different rental company.

Before selecting your rental company, you want to be sure that the company is insured, the equipment is newer, and the staff has proper education on how to keep your loved ones safe.


Yes. The company should have general liability insurance in case of any injuries that may happen.

What Do Our Bounce Houses Typically Cost?

You will rent bounce houses by the hour. When broken down into an hourly rate, a person can expect to pay about $30 to $50 hourly.

So, for six hours of bounce house rental, a bounce house will cost you anywhere from $180 to $300. For fancier bounce houses and other activities offered, the packages will run slightly more, as high as $1000.

Look For A Reputable Bounce House Company Before Making Any Decisions?

A company that has been in business for many decades is often one that you can trust. 

Think about bounce houses that you have seen around the community, whether at private events at people’s homes or larger ones in more public spaces. If you keep seeing the same company name again and again, your trust can really start to build.

Other things to watch out for are whether or not the inflatable bounce houses look as though they have been well-maintained.

Do you see any tears or layers of dirt on the bounce house? If so, you may want to continue your search because a good bounce house rental company will sanitize their inflatables between each use.

Hiring a bounce house rental company is a process that often comes with an array of questions. These answers can assist in better guiding you toward the right rental.

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